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Principal's Message


Welcome to our School Family, 

We are so glad you have chosen to join our program! As your child embarks on a treasured journey of growth and learning with us, there are a few things we'd like you to know: 

Our goal is to thoroughly meet all of your child's needs, from daily care to academic learning to social-emotional growth. We believe that all people - including young children - learn more, produce more, show more compassion and feel better about themselves when they are in an environment that is caring, connected and safe. For these reasons and many more, we utilize a research-backed, evidence-based program called Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is based on safety, connection and problem solving. (You can learn more at 

Safety: Research shows that the brain functions optimally when we feel safe. Our staff members are your children's Safekeepers and our first priority is to keep your children physically and emotionally safe. Toward this end, we will teach children skills to help them calm themselves during times of upset. The ability to calm oneself is called self-regulation, and is the #1 predictor of life success. Children will learn how to use active calming techniques and a classroom center called a "Safe Place." For upset children, the "Safe Place" is in an adult's arms as the adult breathes deeply. For older children, the Safe Place is a place that is outfitted with tools to help them learn to calm themselves. 

Connection: Research shows that our connections with other people develop neural connections inside our brain. The neural connections of the brain are essential to learning. In our program, we develop these connections by building a compassionate group of learners called a "School Family." This connection provides the internal motivation to cooperate, extend helpfulness to others and learn new social skills. In our School Family, intrinsic motivation replaces the need for external rewards like stickers and other treats. 

Problem Solving: When we feel both safe and connected, the brain is able to devote all of its energy to learning and solving problems. Our goal is always to create a safe and connected environment first because we know this enables children to thrive, whether they're learning social-emotional skills, learning kindergarten readiness skills, learning to multiply and divide, or simply learning to crawl. 

Each year brings wonderful new opportunities for learning, and Conscious Discipline provides us with proven ways to increase every child's learning potential. We look forward to growing with you and your child as we celebrate our time together. 

Wishing you well, 

Your McBrayer School Family

Adapted from Parent Education Curriculum, Conscious Discipline